PHX Members Going Above and Beyond for Veterans

The Veterans Committee would like to take a moment to recognize and thank 555 members Ron Hansen and Valerie Herman for their continued support in addition to thanking Ron for his service. 

Ron Hansen served in the Army Infantry and also has two sons that have served and work for SWA.  Ron is still dedicated to all those whom have served, and ensures that those who gave all, get treated with the utmost respect while in the hands of TWU Local 555 members.  He maintains and cares for a military remains cart in PHX.  

PHX Military HR Cart PHX Military HR Cart PHX Military HR Cart PHX Military HR Cart

The below mural was done about a year ago, using colored chalk, in PHX T-Point by 555 member Valerie Herman. The writing on the ground is a WWI poem titled, "In Flanders Field". Valerie is not a veteran, but still chose this tribute. 

PHX Tpoint Mural

Photo credits: John Pettypool PHX