Station Representative Of The Quarter Announced

Please join us in congratulating MCO Operations Station Representative Jesus Gómez Garcia for being named as the selection in our Station Representative of the Quarter program.








As an MCO Ops/Cargo Union Rep for the past 6 years I believe strongly in communication. I believe that the members should be kept informed of what goes on within their department which is why, since I have been a rep, I have organized monthly meetings with local leadership to discuss and address ongoing concerns within our department and compose a detailed email to all my brothers and sisters within our department to keep them apprised of the outcome of these meetings. I take my responsibility very seriously. I am humbled and extremely appreciative of this award and accept it on behalf of all my fellow reps in the system that put in so much work and sacrifice so much of their time to assist and represent our members!

In Solidarity,

Jesus Gómez Garcia
MCO Ops/Cargo TWU Union Rep