TWU Local 555 Forms

  1. Grievance Form — Text boxes are enabled on this form.  Easily type up your grievance and print it out.
  2. TWU Witness & Fact Sheet — Use this sheet for a witness statement as well as gathering facts.
  3. Heavy Freight Non Compliance Form. — Used for heavy freight that is not marked to identify how heavy any particualr peice is.
  4. Stock Option Information — Side Letter of Agreement Number Ten can be located on this website under Documents. You can access stock options FAQ’s on by selecting About Me and SWA Stock. Contact information can be found there along with account applications. Once an account has been set up, you can access your account, and exercise options at, or by phoning Deutsche at 866-218-8291.
  5. TWU Local 555 Delay Code Form - Utilize this form when delay codes are changed.  Please fill out form completely and fax to the number listed at the bottom if the page.