January 21, 2016



TA Voting Polls will open February 4th and close at noon CST February 19th.



Copies of the TA will be mailed out on February 1st with your voting instructions.

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Do not submit your company email address. If you have signed up for receiving email negotiations alerts and you are not receiving them please check your spam folders for the sent alerts. If the alerts are in your spam folder make sure you click on the option "NOT SPAM". If you haven't received any alerts and there isn't anything in your spam folder please call the TWU Local 555 office to verify your email address.



The members of TWU Local 555 support our brothers and sisters at SWAPA and their efforts to gain a fair and equitable contract.


Posted 2/10/2016

Tentative Agreement

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Posted 12/29/2015


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TWU Local 555 CBA
TWU Local 555 Grievance Form REV. 4/2012

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Open Elections & Results

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TENTATIVE AGREEMENT - Voting polls open 02/04/16 and close 02/19/16 at noon.  You should receive a copy of the TA along with your voting instructions in the mail by 02/08/16.


ATL Ramp - Voting polls closed 01/25 at noon.  Rocphel Freeman was elected by majority vote.

SEA Ops/Provo - Nominations closed 02/01.  Albert Barbosa was elected by acclamation.


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