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Moving Forward in Solidarity

Brothers and sisters, we have completed more than half of 2015, and still no contract. After fours years, the leadership of Southwest Airlines has not begun to move in the direction of giving this membership the economic package that we deserve. It is time for the Transportation Workers Union Local 555 (TWU 555) to come up with a strategy that will help our membership shake up and motivate Southwest Airlines to agree to a fair and deserving economic package. I know that many in this membership think that it is solely the TWU Local 555 Executive Boards’ responsibility, but Strength is in Numbers, so it will take all the members of the Transport Workers Union to unite in solidarity. We also need the support of other unions and their families to impact Southwest Airlines leadership. It is time to get down right aggressive. This is not just a Southwest Airlines fight, but also a labor fight. 

As you know, we have made some keys changes in our leadership here at TWU Local 555. In the last couple of months, there have been some challenges not only within the district that I represent, but also on the executive board. With that being said, let us move forward in solidarity and look forward to a brighter future with our newly elected president, financial secretary and station representatives. Let’s welcome them all aboard. Remember often times there is positive growth with change. 

I am pleased to share that we just finished conducting training for newly elected station representatives. Robert Wechsler, Ph. D., education consultant from TWU International was the primary presenter. He focused on helping station representatives with some of the challenges faced with fact-finding meetings and grievances. Some of Mr. Wechsler’s key topics were:


Ø        Station Rep duties

Ø        Listen to members

Ø       Communication

Ø       Keep yourself informed on union affairs

Ø      Meet new members


I believe that these topics Mr. Wechsler spoke on are key to being a good union representative. One of the comments made during the training was that a face-to-face conversation is needed between the station representative and member before attending a fact-finding meeting.  We are striving to improve this process and that will result in improved representation for our membership.



As we continue to adjust to the new leadership and grow our strength in numbers, stay focused daily on doing your job, being safe, and improving your overall understanding of the contract. 



“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”-Henry Ford.