Abilio Villaverde (DEN Ramp) – District 8 Representative


Alternate District 8 Representative  –  Robbie Gadd PDX Ramp

Email:  Phone: 720-393-9624

Now that the contract has been ratified it’s time to move forward. Together we can use the resources at hand such as the GOM and the Contract to protect our jobs and preserve our future. We have to start coming together before the next negotiations, solidarity and unity are some things that I plan to push not only in District 8 but throughout the system. We need to come together as a family of Union Brothers and Sisters and include our own families as they support what we go through each day. Having Union events that have our families interacting with each other and building stronger bonds amongst ourselves is vital to our union going forward. 

One of the events we have each summer is a picnic in Denver. The turnout has increased each year with many stations participating system wide. Other events such as a family Bowling night, usually held each winter, have been tremendous in bringing us together. I encourage and will help each station in District 8 do something similar for the membership. We don’t need the company to do these things for us. We need to start doing things for ourselves and with everyone’s help and participation we can make this district a place something to be proud of.