Angela Kasse (IAD Operations) – Recording Secretary

Email:  Phone: 240-529-8255

The first thing I would like to address as Recording Secretary is the New Hire class. I am working to revamp the class. I believe that the word "union" has a negative association these days. We need to work hard to change that image. When I started at Southwest, my father's first question was "are they union?" He went on to explain how unions were formed to protect our rights and to ensure we get the work rules that we deserve. Unfortunately, many workers today don't understand or appreciate what unions have fought for. Almost everything that is pro-worker was negotiated by a union; for example the 8 hour work day or 5 day work week. Today, there are still workers fighting for rights such as seniority and vacation days. My main purpose for revamping the new hire class is to educate potential new members on the importance of being a union member. For these new hires, it should be more than just completing their six month probation and then receiving a union pin. It's wearing the union pin and getting involved in the union. It's going to be tough to replace the negative association with the word "union" with a positive one. However, this class is a great place to start. The goal is to have new hires educated in the contract and proud to be union when they become a member. I encourage members to point out these positives to our potential new members. There are also many benefits to being an active union member such as scholarships and discounts that are available to you and your dependents. I would like to also point out the importance of our station representatives. They are our front line warriors. They are going to bat for members daily. It is important to know your representative and stay in contact with them; they are the ones who will be receiving important information from the local and the ones that will help you with any contact information. In addition, your local rep can help you get involved with the union. Whether this is finding your local AFL-CIO meetings at the Central Labor Council or simply attending a union meeting, active involvement will build solidarity and strengthen our union.

I'm here to assist you along the way. Please feel free to reach out to me.