Brian Smith (MSY) – Grievance Specialist

Email:  Phone: 504-559-3915

I have been with the company for 21 years and my involvement with the Union started right off of probation when I became the Alternate Station Rep. in MSY. I was then Elected as the Station Rep in MSY and held that position for approximately 16 years. During that time, I also served as the Alternate District Rep. for Jerry McCrummen and was the interim District Rep when Jerry took a staff position. I then served as the Alternate District Rep. for Patty Adams when she held the office of District Rep. I also served as the alternate District Rep. for outgoing District Rep. Mark Waters. I served as a System Board Player for approximately 6 years. Currently, I have been serving the membership as a Grievance Specialist for the last 6 years. The best part of my current position is that I get to represent terminated members in arbitration. I absolutely love this part of my job and can think of no better way for me to serve our membership.

The Grievance Specialist is responsible for processing and handling all grievances, involving contractual interpretation and terminations, as well as other duties assigned by the Vice President. They serve as a resource and aid to the District Representatives enabling and freeing them up to better serve the membership. They serve on a Grievance Committee, reporting directly to the our Vice President.