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Recent Kincare Overcharge Arbitration Update

After the recent Arbitration ruling regarding the charging of more than the contractual maximum of 8 hours to cover a Kincare call out, instead of abiding by the ruling, the Company chose to contact Arbitrator Javits for the following stated reason,

"Southwest requests that you either reconsider or stay your August 9, 2017, award."

The Company's position is that any hours …

Kincare Overcharge Grievance Sustained At Arbitration

We have received more good news in the fight for ensuring our CA members are treated appropriately regarding sick leave laws, namely CA Labor Code 233, otherwise known as Kincare. This year, the Company began charging more than the contractual maximum of 8 hours per call out and attempting to use their interpretation of Kincare to diminish our contractual rights, by …

Aircraft Cleaning Grievance Status

Brothers and Sisters,

Your Local Executive Board would like to update you on the status of the aircraft cleaning grievance. As many of you are aware, the Union prevailed in a time frame and arbitrability hearing before a neutral arbitrator who declared that the Company and the Union should proceed to another hearing on the merits of the case. The Company not only refused …