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Aircraft Cleaning Grievance Status

Brothers and Sisters,

Your Local Executive Board would like to update you on the status of the aircraft cleaning grievance. As many of you are aware, the Union prevailed in a time frame and arbitrability hearing before a neutral arbitrator who declared that the Company and the Union should proceed to another hearing on the merits of the case. The Company not only refused …

Ruling on AC Cleaning Time frames and Arbitrability

Please review the below ruling on the Aircraft Cleaning Time frames and Arbitrability case. Remember that while Arbitrator Daniel F. Jennings has ruled that the group grievance TWU-ALL-5000/16 is both timely and arbitrable, the merits of the case must now be heard. Dates for that arbitration will be requested this week and updates will be posted when available. 


Plane Cleaning Time Frame Decision ALL-5001/15

While we have lost the Aircraft Cleaning time frames due to not being filed within the required 10 days, we do have a second grievance, which was filed as a plan b, due to us having renegotiated the job duties and the company continuing to keep the duties with contractors. The board will discuss how to proceed and provide updates when available.  …