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Staffing Numbers for the Week of 11/11/2017

In an effort to assist our local with ensuring the part-time percentages are within the contractual limits, the staffing numbers will be posted each week with links available at Resources->Documents. Please contact us with any discrepancies you may find.

Note: The company has changed the format for the staffing numbers as of the 08/27/16 report. 


Mediation/Arbitration Sessions Have Begun

Pictured below are District 1 Representative Morial Hayes, District 7 Representative Mike Roach, District 6 Representative Tyler Cluff, District 8 Representative Abilio Villaverde, Local 555 President Greg Puriski, and Grievance Specialist Brian Smith as they prepare for Med/Arb cases with District 2 Representative Phil McNally, District 2 Alternate Representative Greg Gamboni, FLL Ramp Representative Dwayne Young and FLL Ramp Agent Malvin Garnett. 

For …

Updated Seniority Lists Posted 07/13/16

The updated seniority lists for Ramp, Operations, Provisioning, and Cargo have been posted both below and under Resources->Documents. The following lanugage from our collective bargaining agreement should be noted: 

Article Eight Section E. Corrections to Seniority List. Employees shall have fifteen (15) days after the publication date of the seniority list to protest any omission or incorrect position affecting their seniority.

Please …

Our Response to Company’s 12 Day Rule Memo

MAY 25th, 2016

Brothers and Sisters,

On May 17th, 2016, the Company began sending memos out to your stations notifying you all of a change in policy in regards to how shift trades effect the 12 day rule option in our Contract. Our negotiated language, and past practice, has been clear that if you work 12 or more days in …