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Post Surgery RTW

If you are an Injured Worker and have completed 8 weeks in the Return to Work (RTW) Program, you are not required to participate in the program any longer. However, If you have surgery, you May elect to participate in another 8 weeks of the RTW program. This is strictly voluntary.


Mediation/Arbitration Sessions Have Begun

Pictured below are District 1 Representative Morial Hayes, District 7 Representative Mike Roach, District 6 Representative Tyler Cluff, District 8 Representative Abilio Villaverde, Local 555 President Greg Puriski, and Grievance Specialist Brian Smith as they prepare for Med/Arb cases with District 2 Representative Phil McNally, District 2 Alternate Representative Greg Gamboni, FLL Ramp Representative Dwayne Young and FLL Ramp Agent Malvin Garnett. 

For …