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Negotiations Assessment To Be Voted On

Along with the upcoming Convention Delegate election, there will be the opportunity to vote on an assessment to fund our next negotiations which will begin in 2021. From the previous negotiations period, we know that the next time will not be a short and simple process but a potentially long and drawn out affair requiring significant resources to battle a …

Convention Delegate Nominees Announced

Convention Delegate Nominees are as follows:   

District 1

Shawn Breeden

Kevin Calabrese

Brian Cook

George Davis

Thomas Fisher

Dave Gross

Basheen Harris

Marcus Harris

District 2

John Ardes

Lucas Bossung

Duran Brown

Jonathan Cintron

Roosevelt Darius

Greg Gamboni

Jesus Gomez

DeShawn Hill

Karl Mager

Miguel Martinez

Jonathan Melo

Spencer Kaiser

Margaret Sadler

Michael Wilbanks

Brian Wistling

Angie Wonogas