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TWU Local 555 Member Injured In BWI

Brothers and Sisters,

On January 2nd one of our members in BWI was involved in an accident involving serious injury. We have been, and continue to be, in constant communication with the Company regarding the investigation. Presently, our member's family has requested privacy as their loved one heals. Please keep our coworker in your prayers.

Please remember how dangerous our work …

IAD Safety Awareness Day In Honor Of Jared Dodson

TWU Local 555 held a Safety Awareness Day, in honor of ramp agent Jared Dodson, who passed away due to injuries sustained on the job at IAD six years ago and would have been 31 years old today. We celebrated his life and a renewed commitment to ensure safe working conditions for all brothers and sisters along with Jared's parents, sister, and niece.

555 Addresses the “D” Bumpers on Belt Loaders

I recently attended an Informal Conference on the complaint filed in PHX regarding the belt loaders we use. In attendance at the Informal Conference, were PHX Safety Chairman Chris Porras, PHX Safety Representative Randal Smith, PHX Safety Representative Mark Waddle, and myself for the Union. For the Company were Ryan O'Connor, Don Redwine and Mike Miller presenting their side. The …