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A Message To Our Veterans

Brothers and Sisters,

Veterans Day is a time to celebrate you and the sacrifices YOU have made.
Please view the following links for events and discounts. You may also wish to search within your local area. 

Happy Veterans Day to you all! Thank YOU!

All around the country 

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Honor Flight PHX

The Veterans Committee would like to thank the members of PHX and others who did an amazing job showing our service members tremendous respect during a recent Honor Flight. Local school children were also on hand to honor the service members of whom the oldest was 100 years old. 

Veterans Day Video Tribute

Hello all,


The International Veterans Committee is putting together a Veterans Day video tribute and would like pictures from our members to add to it.  They are asking for a picture of you in your military uniform and a picture of you (or a group picture of the veterans at your station) in your company uniforms.  If you would like

PHX Members Going Above and Beyond for Veterans

The Veterans Committee would like to take a moment to recognize and thank 555 members Ron Hansen and Valerie Herman for their continued support in addition to thanking Ron for his service. 

Ron Hansen served in the Army Infantry and also has two sons that have served and work for SWA.  Ron is still dedicated to all those whom have served, and ensures that those who …