Cort Heywood (RNO Ramp) – Vice President

Email:  Phone: 775-830-1129

I’d like to introduce myself to those who don’t know me. My name is Cortney Thomas Heywood. You can call me Cort, or Cortney, it doesn’t matter. I am the proud father of two boys (ages 16 & 11) from a previous marriage and a 13-month old daughter from my current marriage. I have worked for SWA since 1999 and have been involved with the Union since 2003. A few years ago, I went back to school to study in an American Bar certified paralegal program and have been applying that knowledge to my role as the Union’s Arbitration Consultant more recently.

Thank you to all of those that took time to vote in this election! I'm honored to have been selected to serve as your Vice President. The complexity of the job, and its duties, is not lost on me. I promise to attack the job with every ounce of vigor that you should expect from the office, and to protect our contract to the best of my abilities. I'm looking forward, with great anticipation, to working with the Board. Our local is at a pivotal point, as we mark our twentieth anniversary with TWU. Our membership has expanded to nearly 11,000 strong and the number of stations which we service has expanded significantly over the years. The Company has changed their tactics in recent years, in an attempt to make up ground on their own failures of the past. They have also adopted the use of new technologies and methods to better deal with their frustrations of dealing with our Union. It is far passed the time that we consider our own new techniques & technologies, and consider new ideas that will allow us to turn the tide back in our direction. Hopefully we can emerge from this election, and recent contract vote, and become as United as we need to be to bring the local forward in a positive direction. Hopefully the new board, and some new ideas, will invigorate our membership. Our new officers are certainly excited to be working for our group. The time for divisiveness has passed. We must now move forward, united and invisible, to make sure that we become stronger than ever!

To the departing members of the Board, you have my sincerest thanks for the time you have given to the membership as well as for the work that you all did with me in my role as the Arbitration Consultant. Your sacrifice and dedication to your brothers and sisters has helped lead the way and show those of us coming up how to conduct ourselves.