2018 TWU Election Results

Here are the results of the 2018 Offer Election.  Of the 13126 ballots that were issued, 4255 were received and counted today.

A full breakdown of the election results can be found here.

The results are as follows:


Charles Cerf     44.75%

1st Vice President:

Jerry McCrummen     51.29%

2nd Vice President:

Albert Barbosa     44.06%

Financial Secretary-Treasurer:

Jessica Hayes     37.81%

Recording Secretary:

Juan Cordova     41.42%

District 1 Representative:

Morial Hayes     71.78%

District 2 Representative:

Karl Mager     54.99%

District 3 Representative:

Dan (DC) Chriss     86.06%

District 4 Representative:

Tony Slavings     60.32%

District 5 Representative:

Robert (Wolfie) Bettinger      60.89%

District 6 Representative:

Tyler Cluff     53.26%

District 7 Representative:

Mike Roach     82.86%

District 8 Representative:

Abilio Villaverde     64.55%

Ballot Instructions

All members should have received their ballot in the mail by now.   If you have not received your ballot in, please contact the Union office at 214-358-5404 and we will request another ballot to be mailed to you.

The envelope containing your voting ballot looks like this, so please keep an eye out for it.

Here is a link to view the balloting instructions, which will also be included with the ballot mailed to your address.  As stated on the instructions,  NO BALLOTS WILL BE FAXED, EMAILED, OR SENT BY OVERNIGHT CARRIER TO ANY MEMBER.

Further information can be located here on our website, such as the list of candidates, any campaign letters that have been submitted, and excerpts from the Constitutional Convention regarding officer job duties and election procedures.

Nomination Results

Ballots will be mailed out by February 8, 2018. Your Election Packet should arrive in the mail by February 14, 2018.
ALL BALLOTS MUST BE MAILED BACK IN THE PREPAID ENVELOPE PROVIDED. All ballots must be received at the PO Box on the return envelope provided, by March 6, 2018 at 9:00am CT, at which time all ballots will be removed from the PO Box by TrueBallot and the TWU Local 555 Election Committee.
Opening and counting of the ballots by TrueBallot will begin on March 6, 2018 at 10:00am at the Embassy Suites in Dallas, TX. This process is open to the membership on your own time. Results will be posted by noon the following day.

President Nominees

Randy Barnes     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]
Charles (Chuck) Cerf     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]
Sal Lopez
Manuel (Manny) Martinez     [Campaign Letter]
Mike Sutton

1st Vice President

Cortney Heywood     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]
Jerry McCrummen     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]

2nd Vice President

Albert Barbosa     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]
Rocphel Freeman
Mitch Poor
Mike Tope
Mark Waddle     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]

Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Adam Ah Quin
Tennyson Berry Jr.     [Campaign Letter]
Jeremy Caselli     [Campaign Letter]
Michael Church     [Campaign Letter]
Chase Collins     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]
Ralph Darnell     [Campaign Letter]
Nolan Green
Jessica Hayes     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]
Alfonso Santoyo     [Campaign Letter]
Josh Sheppard
Nelson Sossaman
Jesse Soto     [Campaign Letter]

Recording Secretary

Lenny Brown     [Campaign Letter]
Kevin Carney     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]
Juan Cordova     [Campaign Letter]     [Campaign Slate]
Eric Moran
Michael Wilbanks     [Campaign Letter]

District 1 Representative

Brian Cook
Morial Hayes
Angela Cox-Kasse     [Campaign Letter]
Mike Martinez     [Campaign Letter]

District 2 Representative

DeShawn Hill
Karl Mager     [Campaign Letter]
Phil McNally

District 3 Representative

Dan (DC) Chriss
Ben Faulisi
Dan Hilton
James Wilhide

District 4 Representative

J.P. Loregnard     [Campaign Letter]
Tony Slavings     [Campaign Letter]

District 5 Representative

Robert (Wolfie) Bettinger     [Campaign Letter]
Jackie Crawford
George Martinez     [Campaign Letter]
Mark Miller     [Campaign Letter]

District 6 Representative

Tyler Clufff     [Campaign Letter]
Troy Lawson
Liz Love     [Campaign Letter]
Jason Sonnabaum     [Campaign Letter]

District 7 Representative

De Mon Murphy     [Campaign Letter]
Mike Roach

District 8 Representative

Joe Miller
Abilio Villaverde     [Campaign Letter]


Results (Updated 09-22-17) Below are the 12 most recent election results.

MDW OPS REP: Terrence Moy was elected by popular vote. 

CVG STATION REP: Doug Silvestro was elected by acclamation.

ORF STATION REP: Hassan Williams was elected by acclamation.

FLL OPERATIONS REP: Sheena Belton was elected by acclamation.


BNA PROVO REP: Mike Burrell was elected by acclamation.

SAN OPS REP: Mark Dexter was elected by acclamation.

OAK RAMP REP: Eric Swygert was elected by acclamation.

BOS STATION REP: Marsel Kasemi was elected by acclamation.

FLL PROVO REP: Juan Hernandez was elected by acclamation.

ONT RAMP REP: Mike Francescon won by acclamation.

MDW OPS REP: Juan Caudillo won by acclamation.