Michelle Hornback – Office Administrator

Hello! I have worked for TWU Local 555 for over 17 years. As Office Administrator, my most important job is the handling and processing of almost all grievance-related information and documentation, incoming or outgoing. My bulging filing cabinet and my boardroom calendar can attest to that!! I also assist our Membership Admin in keeping the membership database as current as possible. It doesn’t sound like a lot of responsibility in a few short sentences, but believe me – with the amount of paperwork that crosses my desk daily, we could rebuild the rainforests! My fellow office mates and I are cross-trained on almost all of each others’ duties, so there is a lot of passing back and forth of tasks, depending on who has more time, and we cover for each other when someone is out..
I am not familiar with, nor trained on, the contract, which is not an accident, since I am not allowed to answer any contract questions per the Executive Board’s decision. I can, however, most likely tell you what Article almost anything is located in. I also know all the city codes, since I see all of them every day. (I can say the alphabet backwards pretty rapidly, too, but that isn’t job related – just an interesting fact!)
– Michelle Hornback. Email: office@twu555.org