Mike Roach (LAS Freight) – District 7 Representative


Alternate District 7 Representative – Heard Bryant SMF Freight

Email:  Phone: 702-596-8800

Recently reelected as your District 7 Representative, my priority has always been representing our membership to the best of my ability.  My background with TWU began in May of 1996, when I was first elected as the District 3 Representative during our Union’s time with ROPA.  During the following summer, our Local Executive Board (which only consisted of 7 members at the time), approached Transport Workers Union International.  Initially I, along with the other board members, were paired with representatives from TWU International and began touring our stations.  These station tours were instrumental in providing the necessary information for our membership at the time, and the members of TWU International.  Following these tours an election was held, and on the 1st of November, 1996, Transport Workers Union Local 555 was born.

My extensive history with our Local has provided me with a wealth of knowledge.  I have been involved with and presented more system boards and arbitrations than any current member of our Local executive board.  I hope to continue to share the experience and history with every member of our board, so that we may maintain the quality of representation that our membership has fought for over twenty years. 


Mike Roach
District 7 Representative
TWU Local 555