Morial Hayes (BWI Ramp) – District 1 Representative


Alternate District 1 Representative – Basheen Harris BWI Operations

Email:  Phone: 469-416-6697


First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who voted in the last election. If you voted for me and believe in who I am, I truly appreciate it. I'm going to do my best! I would like to thank all the Union representatives at BWI and I want to send special thanks to Marcus Harris, Frank Ellis, Tommy Fisher, Brandon Jolley, Shawn Breeden, George Davis, Basheen Harris, and David Cookson for their full support and friendship over the last five years. 

I do not want to lament about the voting turnout. It is in the past and cannot be changed. What I want to do is focus on the future. In other words, how do we do better? Getting more members to actively participate benefits and affects us all. If you are reading this newsletter, you are probably one of those who took the time to vote – you are involved with your union. Everyone on the LEB (Local Executive Board) will increase our efforts to educate. We have a brand new collective bargaining agreement we need to defend so it works in the union’s favor. Article Twenty (Grievance Procedures) and Article Twenty-three (Attendance)] are vital. Study it; read it; and know it! I can’t stress it enough.

Our local is going to have five new district representatives to serve the members. As of May 1 st , we will be sitting on our LEB; voting on key system board issues, arbitration issues, financial issues, and many more that can affect you and the rest of the membership. As a district representative, I’ll be responsible for making numerous station visits (ALB, BOS, BWI, DCA, EWR, LGA, MHT, PHL, PVD) and keeping the elected representatives informed. I have to balance my calls between all of my station representatives, grievants, and labor relations managers at the company’s headquarters. I’ll be scheduling system boards and arbitrations. That’s why it’s important for grievants to provide the local union representative with as much information as possible on the case so I can present the best possible case. Let’s work together to achieve our goal and unite as one.

On a more serious note, you are in control of your own fate with respect to attendance, so please acquaint yourself with Article Twenty-three. Make sure that you are calling out at least thirty minutes prior to your shift to report any sickness.

In closing, communication is an integral part of being a district representative and it’s something I intend to improve in our district. Being a district representative has its many challenges, so do your part and defend our contract; protect the members and jobs. OUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD!

Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”