Phil McNally (MCO Ramp) – District 2 Representative


Alternate District 2 Representative – Greg Gamboni TPA Ramp

Email:  Phone: 321-747-7781

I honestly don’t know where to start. A lot has happened since our last news article. First, I would like to start out by saying “Thank you District 2”, for voting me as your district rep again. I promise for those that voted for me and even the ones that didn’t vote for me, you will not regret it. I always do what is best for the members, and the honesty and passion that I display in this job are unmatched. I really care for everyone, and will never turn into a politician that tries to lie to try to keep his position. While I am talking about the election, I would like to congratulate all the new board members that were voted in.  I hope the new board will work together, and the only advice I have for them, is be real, don’t ever be swayed towards the political issues that will arise at some point.  I would like to also thank all the board members that are no longer with us, despite whatever reason that may be. I would like to recognize Mike Martinez, Mark Waters, Kevin Carney and Wolfie for giving me advice with grievances, amongst other things. You will all be missed. 

Now the issue of our new CBA. Well, it’s over and we must move on. Whether you voted yes or no on it.  I will say this in my honest opinion. This union was not ready for what the company’s tactics were from day one of this round of negotiations 5 years ago. We were playing catch up. This union, for the most part, has been used to a company that actually wanted good labor relations, and really never had to show its teeth, to even get to the table for that matter.  We seriously need to understand, and I have said it before over and over again, but the company that once was, is dead. This is not Herb’s airline anymore. I know for some that is a hard thing to grasp, but it’s the reality brothers and sisters.  Some things I say may not be popular with people, but it’s the truth, point blank. So, the days of being in contract talks for 18 months are over. I believe you will never see it again. The company will not just give in because of a picket line, like they use to. To be honest, from what I saw, they couldn’t care less about public opinion, which to be honest, doesn’t bode well for us. We now need to start thinking of creative ways and have a plan and follow through with it, to combat the company in 2021. This will come faster than you think.  I have nothing to hide. When I am at my stations I am very vocal and straight up with everyone about what happened in contract talks, and don’t mind at all people asking me questions about it. I wont sugar coat it, because we need to be ready next time. With talking about contract talks, I cant forget to mention the individuals that were involved in the SOCAL/MCO meetings. I still cant believe that a arbitrator ruled against us in some of those decisions. It seriously made me sick for those that kept the last chance discipline letter. Words can’t describe how emotional I was over that. I think the other district reps that had cities involved with this would tell you the same.  I still don’t get how, when the company declares a “state of emergency”, that we can’t use our contractual right for a personal day! This is one thing that I can honestly say: when the decisions came in, I was mad and upset at the same time. I have so much respect for these people. They took everything on the chin, and still are standing to this day. It’s really amazing to me. 

In closing, I hope everyone is having a good summer with family and friends. Please be safe. I know we always see this written by various people in these articles, but seriously be safe. If it is too much, call for help, go inside, cool off , and stand up for yourself. Without being insubordinate, of course.  I look forward to making my rounds to my cities and meeting the new ones I have. By the time you see this article, college football season will be just around the corner. With that being said, go irish!!!! And hopefully my Mets are in the playoffs again.   

Phil McNally
District 2 Representative