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US Court Of Appeals Issues Decision Regarding “Aircraft Cleaning” Grievance

Brothers and Sisters,

We have the unfortunate duty of informing you that, in their decision dated January 9, 2019, the US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit reversed our win in the District Court in the SWA v. TWU Local 555 arbitration enforcement litigation.

The Appeals Court found that the Arbitrator (Daniel Jennings) did not draw the essence of …

Update On The Status Of The Aircraft Cleaning Grievance

As most of you know, the Aircraft Cleaning Grievance (time frames) decision was awarded in the Union’s favor at the end of 2016.

Following that award, the Company took TWU Local 555 to court to have the decision set aside, alleging that the Arbitrator involved was biased against them and that he had exceeded his authority. Their hope was to get …

Aircraft Cleaning Grievance Status

Brothers and Sisters,

Your Local Executive Board would like to update you on the status of the aircraft cleaning grievance. As many of you are aware, the Union prevailed in a time frame and arbitrability hearing before a neutral arbitrator who declared that the Company and the Union should proceed to another hearing on the merits of the case. The Company not only refused …