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Staffing Numbers for the Week of 03/04/2018

In an effort to assist our local with ensuring the part-time percentages are within the contractual limits, the staffing numbers will be posted each week with links available at Resources->Documents. Please contact us with any discrepancies you may find.

Note: The company has changed the format for the staffing numbers as of the 08/27/16 report. 

2018_0303 TWU Headcount

Update On The Status Of The Aircraft Cleaning Grievance

As most of you know, the Aircraft Cleaning Grievance (time frames) decision was awarded in the Union’s favor at the end of 2016.

Following that award, the Company took TWU Local 555 to court to have the decision set aside, alleging that the Arbitrator involved was biased against them and that he had exceeded his authority. Their hope was to get …

555 Moves to Suspend LOI Notification by Email

Today, President Greg Puriski sent the communication to end the 6 month trial period, contained in Side Letter of Agreement Number Eight, of the company sending Attendance Letters of Instruction by email to our members. At the conclusion of the trial period, the company must again deliver hard copies of Attendance Letters of Instruction.