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TWU Local 555 Scholarship Winners Announced

District Employee Dependent Awarded
District 1 Heather Cook MHT Ramp Self
District 2 Aaron Beard TPA Ramp Henry Beard
District 3 Arthur Vanick MDW Ramp Nicole Vanick
District 4 Ricky McCants Sr OMA Ramp Ricky McCants Jr
District 5 Eduardo Marcia HRL Ops/Freight Oneida Marcia
District 6 Rene Sanchez ELP Ramp Taylor Sanchez
District 7 Melissa Garenour SMF Ops/Freight Sidney Ann

Officer Swearing In Ceremony

The Swearing In Ceremony took place on Wednesday May 4th, 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, TX. Sworn in were Vice President Cort Heywood, Recording Secretary Angela Kasse, District 1 Representative Morial Hayes, District 2 Representative Phil McNally, District 3 Representative Randy Barnes, District 4 Representative Tony Slavings, District 5 Representative John Spencer, District 6 Representative Tyler Cluff, District …