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Kincare Update: Senator Bradford Sends Letter Of Support

In April of this year the TWU California State Conference, which includes representatives of our own local 555 in addition to Local 556 and others met with state representatives in Sacramento to discuss the many issues facing our unions. The primary issue addressed by locals 555 and 556 were the Company's misapplication of California's sick leave laws, specifically Kincare. As …

555 Bay Area Membership Picnic

The Bay Area Membership Picnic will be held at Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, CA on Tuesday, July 25th. Hosted by District 7 Representative Mike Roach, all TWU Local 555 members and their families are invited. Food will be provided. Some of the park features include a playground, swimming area, and walking trails along the bay. Contact Mike Roach with …

Education Committee Conducts Station Rep Training in OAK

Education Committee members Jason Sonnabaum(SAN) and Mark Waddle(PHX) conduct representative training along with Vice President Cort Heywood, District 8 Representative Abilio Villaverde, and Alternate District 8 Representative Robbie Gadd(PDX) for alternate station representatives from OAK, SLC, SEA, and GEG. 


Station Visit Information

District 6 Representative Tyler Cluff recently visited ABQ and LBB with his unusual brand of grievance negotiation tactics. 

District 1 Representative Morial Hayes recently visited EWR and LGA.

District 8 Representative Abilio Villaverde recently visited OAK, DEN, and along with Vice President Cort Heywood, will be in PDX for a visit on Monday, June 27th. 

President Greg Puriski will be doing station visits …