Tony Slavings (MCI Provisioning) – District 4 Representative


Alternate District 4 Representative – J.P. Loregnard ATL Ramp

Email:  Phone: 469-369-4408

Well, here we are. Here is the change that the majority of our membership wanted. We’ve got a new contract, new website, and now your new board. There is a lot of stuff that we are all going to have to get through together in the coming years. There has already been a lot of stuff that your new board has been working on. A lot of it has revolved around training. Not just you guys, but us, your new board, as well. Some of us are more fortunate than others. I’ve been damn lucky to have Mark Waters on my side for the last 15 years. I’m even more lucky, right now, to have him on my side. I’ve talked to him on several different occasions throughout the last few weeks. Everything from how’s it going all the way to what is your opinion on what I should do with this case. Not to mention, just simple things, like, how should I word this, so that I don’t screw something up. Mark is a guy that has fought for the members of this Local for years and years. His knowledge is something I’m going to rely on for years to come. I’ve talked to my Station Reps and have let them know that I’m not Mark. I’ve got to learn how to do this job. I can’t recall the last 20 years of arbitration rulings off the top of my head. But, with that said, we’ve got Mark on our side to help us out. That’s an invaluable resource to have. I’ve told Mark this probably 1000 times in the last few weeks, I’m sure he’s tired of hearing it…..Mark, I appreciate it.

With all that being said, the show must go on. We’ve had system boards, arbitrations, and new grievances rolling in the door every day. We are still at odds every day with our Company. We are still fighting every day to try and protect our member’s rights. Hopefully, with the new board, we can try and figure out a way to start working with the company, instead of always trying to fight everything out. Let’s not forget, we all want this airline to succeed. If it doesn’t, we are all looking for jobs. I used to be extremely proud of working for this company. Anymore, I’m not so sure. At some point in time, making money became more important than taking care of your employees. The LUV culture isn’t near what it used to be. Morale is down system wide. You have arguments on the employee website between airport employees and HQ employees. The way they like to censor what gets put on the said website. The way they call you into a “meeting” just to “let you know that they know” about your Facebook post. Something you posted out of frustration with your Company. They are trying to “fix” the problem by intimidating and getting rid of the “problem employees”. Why not try and fix the problem that is causing the frustration? Why not look at the very people who are frustrated and ask them what is wrong? When I got hired, if there was a problem, I was called into my Station Managers office and he asked me what was up. I had a chance to vent my frustrations. Sometimes, I was wrong. He explained to me what was going on, and we went about our business. Sometimes, I was bringing up something to him that he wasn’t aware of. He did a good job of trying to take care of the people that worked for him and we did a damn good job of making sure he looked good to his boss. That in turn, was taking care of our passengers. Not to mention, a lot of us, had a damn good time doing it. Working for the company used to be fun. I know that’s hard to believe. Ask anyone who has been here “back in the day”. Now it’s just that, work. 

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks in Dallas. That’s taken a lot of time away from my personal life. I knew it going into this, I’m just fine with that. I’m going to be getting on a plane in a couple hours and heading home to spend time with my girls. I’m hoping that this next 3 years will be a learning experience for them as well. Hopefully, one of the things they are going to learn from this is, you have to fight for what you want in life. Nobody is going to just give it to you and it’s always better to fight with 11,632 members fighting with you for the same common goal. A better quality of life.