Open Station Rep Nominations

The following positions are open for nomination from 11/19/2022 through December 4, 2022 at midnight.  Any elections needed will be held in the stations sometime in December.  Interim Reps in these positions will be contacted by the Election Committee to schedule needed elections.

BOS Station Rep (click to print blank nomination form)

LBB Station Rep (click to print blank nomination form)

OKC Station Rep (click to print blank nomination form)

SFO Operations Rep (click to print blank nomination form)

TWU Local 555 Station Rep of the Quarter Nominations

It is now time to submit your nominations for TWU Local 555 Station Representative of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter of 2022. Please use the below form if you feel one of your local Station Representatives has gone above and beyond his or her normal duties, and exemplified the dedication that is truly worthy of recognition. The winner will be selected by the LEB and will also receive a plaque commemorating this accomplishment. We all know that our local Station Reps work very hard to protect the CBA and are not thanked enough for the work that they do, so please join us in recognizing worthy Station Representatives. The nomination period will end on November 14th at 3pm CST.

Nomination Form