Jerry McCrummen (DAL) – 1st Vice President

Email:   Phone: (214) 908-7238

On a personal level, I am single and have 4 Daughters and a Son. I have 14 Grandkids at this time. I live in Mabank, Texas on Cedar Creek Lake.

In May I will complete my 35th year at SWA. I have been involved with the Union since the beginning of my employment. I have served the Union in many capacities during my tenure at SWA as a DAL based employee. When I started there was no Union for the Ramp, Operations, Provisioning, and Freight agents. The IAM had been decertified. ROPA, an in house Association was formed. I was on the 1995 ROPA negotiations committee (blue contract). I was part of the group that was instrumental in successfully merging ROPA with TWU. I served in many capacities for ROPA/TWU. I have served as an Alternate Station Representative, Station Representative for DAL, System Board Player, Negotiating Committee member, Newsletter Editor, Alternate District Representative, District Representative, Contract Coordinator, Grievance Specialist and a 5 term Vice President. I have served with many quality Union leaders, made many special friends, and have had the pleasure of representing the finest Ground Operations Agents in the world. The Union has grown from just over 3,000 members to 15,000. We have seen some dark times and some great times. We are stronger for the experience. Thanks for the support and the memories!


B) Vice Presidents
The Vice Presidents shall assist the President in the discharge of his duties in such manner and extent as the President shall determine. The 1 st Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President. He/she shall also preside when called upon by the President and at times when the President may be temporarily unable to discharge his/her duties. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Local Executive Board will designate the 1st Vice President to act as President for the unexpired term. In the event of a vacancy of 1st or 2nd Vice President, an election shall be held to fill the vacancy. If the un-expired term is eighteen (18) months or less, the office shall be filled by the Board. It shall also be the duty of the Vice Presidents to inform the President of responsibilities under the TWU Constitution and the Local's By-laws.