Voluntary Receivership Update

Brothers & Sisters,

As we move forward during this difficult time in our local, please do not forget our Brothers and Sisters in South Texas battling the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. We have been in constant contact with Oscar Camara, the Elected Houston Ramp Rep, and others regarding the safety of our members who were stranded at the airport and elsewhere due to the storm. The safety and well-being of our Brothers and Sisters in Texas is our number one priority. Please keep them in your thoughts.

The request for voluntary receivership (trusteeship) has been submitted to the TWU International. As soon as we receive word back from the International as to whether or not they accept our request for voluntary receivership, I will let you know. It is rare, if not unprecedented, for a Local to request receivership from the International. Normally receivership is not a voluntary procedure. The reason I voted to request voluntary receivership is because of the state of affairs going on within the local had become so hostile that it made it impossible to conduct the day-to-day business of the Local in a professional manner. I can speak only for myself, but requesting receivership from the International was not an easy decision to make, but I do believe that it was necessary to get this local back on track. Obviously, a majority of the board felt the same way.

What will happen if the TWU International accepts our request to put us into receivership (trusteeship)? First, the Executive Council of TWU will make the determination of receivership through a resolution. If they decide to move forward with the receivership, a Temporary Trustee will be appointed from within the TWU International to oversee day-to-day operations of the Local. The Trustee will have complete control of our Local. He or she will assess the current state of the Local and make changes that he or she deems necessary for the betterment of our Local. That can include the removal of any Officer(s) on the LEB. There are no set indications as to when the changes will take place, or what kind of changes will take place, so patience will be of the utmost importance. Most rank and file members probably will not even notice any difference. Our collective bargaining agreement and grievance procedures would remain status quo. Once the Trustee feels that the Local is back on track, elections will take place prior to the Local being returned to the newly elected leadership.

Also, as most of you already know, the LEB voted to suspend our Treasurer in accordance with article XXI of the TWU Constitution, for failing to follow the direction of the Board. Out of respect for the process and all of those involved, I cannot comment any further on the situation. Once the hearing is held, the LEB will decide whether the Treasurer is returned to office, or removed permanently. Once again, your patience is requested during this process. As soon as the decision is made the membership will be notified. The membership of Local 555 is my number one priority!


Greg Puriski
TWU Local 555