Update On The Status Of The Aircraft Cleaning Grievance

As most of you know, the Aircraft Cleaning Grievance (time frames) decision was awarded in the Union’s favor at the end of 2016.

Following that award, the Company took TWU Local 555 to court to have the decision set aside, alleging that the Arbitrator involved was biased against them and that he had exceeded his authority. Their hope was to get the time frames loss set aside so that they would not have to return to arbitration over the merits of the grievance.

The judge assigned to the case recently rendered a verdict sending the case back to our arbitration process to be heard by a new Arbitrator over the merits. Unhappy over this latest development, it should come as no great surprise to learn, the Company is appealing the judge’s decision to the appellate courts and requesting a temporary stay to avoid having a hearing on the merits of the case prior to the outcome of their latest appeal.

The Union will continue to keep you all up to speed as this develops. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in yet another holding pattern with Southwest Airlines not wanting to accept yet another unfavorable decision.