Information Regarding Chubb/Colonial Benefits

Attention Members, you may recently have received a letter from Chubb regarding our supplemental benefit program. If you were out on leave during the period stated in the letter, please follow the instructions in the letter to make up the premium owed to avoid any lapse in coverage.

If you feel that you were not out on leave, and you have a question regarding the amount owed, you can call the service hotline at 800-768-6219. Be aware that some letters, not all, were sent due to errors setting up your payroll deductions during October and November.

This was NOT a SWA or TWU 555 payroll error so please forward your questions to the phone number above. If you were not out on leave, then you will not be required to make up any back premium.

TWU 555 was not aware of this letter being sent to our membership and has resolved the concern with our new supplemental insurance partner Chubb Insurance.