Albert Barbosa (SEA) – 2nd Vice President

Email: Phone: 469-994-5283

Hello, my name is Albert Barbosa and I am your 2nd Vice President.

I started my career at SWA in 1992 at the ONT station on the ramp. Two years later, I was awarded my bid to open SEA, where I have been ever since. I have roughly spent my ten years between the Ramp and Provo Departments and am currently a Ramp Agent.

I began my Union involvement in the mid 90's as an Alternate Station Representative. Eventually being elected as the station Rep, a short time later. I also was on the Station Union Safety Committee for a short time until another rank and file member was available to step up to aide with that position and the time/effort it required.

In 2007, I put in for and was selected to the Negotiations Committee and as part of that team, we were able to secure an industry leading contract on many fronts (Red Book).

In 2009, after my time on the Negotiations Committee, I was selected as a member of the Education Committee. I was brought in at the tail end of the completion of the first version of the "Fast Facts" booklet and primarily was tasked with applying my efforts to the "Tell it like it is" campaign.

From 2010-2013, I was elected to represent District 8. During that time, I presented many system boards and arbitrations, as well as assisting others in the presentation of several grievances and terminations by sitting 2nd Chair or in another capacity. We established a balanced budget every year of that term and dealt with many issues (both favorably and unfavorably, some of which continue to this day) over that time. Such as covered work, enforcing proper pay rates for the various status', closure of departments and the AirTran Seniority integration. I lost a bid for reelection, but it remains one of the best things that could've happened

at the time. Allowing me to focus on more personal matters and to reflect on the position and how I could've done better.

I continued being active in the Union as an alternate rep at the station level until being elected to my current position as your 2nd Vice President.

I share parenting duties for my 2 daughters (one of which is in college, the other a Junior in HS) with their mother and other than being treated reasonably and the enforcement of the CBA, they continue to be my greatest motivating factors.

I tend to travel extensively, so if you see me out and about feel free to come by and say hello or pass along any message, idea or even complaint.


In Solidarity,

Albert Barbosa






B) Vice Presidents
The Vice Presidents shall assist the President in the discharge of his duties in such manner and extent as the President shall determine. The 1 st Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President. He/she shall also preside when called upon by the President and at times when the President may be temporarily unable to discharge his/her duties. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Local Executive Board will designate the 1st Vice President to act as President for the unexpired term. In the event of a vacancy of 1st or 2nd Vice President, an election shall be held to fill the vacancy. If the un-expired term is eighteen (18) months or less, the office shall be filled by the Board. It shallalso be the duty of the Vice Presidents to inform the President of responsibilities under the TWU Constitution andthe Local's By-laws.