Working Women’s Committee

Jessica Hayes (MDW) Chairman
Charis Dorsey (ATL)            
Kenya Rawlings (MDW)       
Colleen Thomas (MKE)        
Tracey Van (MDW)              
Millie Jackson (MDW)           

10/15/2016 History in the Making
This is a historical time for women. A woman running as the Democratic candidate is proof that women are getting closer to attaining equality, and that times are changing in a positive direction. Today, there are many women doing the same job as men, with the same qualifications, but getting paid .79 to every dollar a man makes. We are very fortunate to have a contract that protects us from income inequality. It’s time to bridge that gap and secure other essential benefits for women such as paid maternity leave. It is our sincere hope, that women in our own Union begin stepping up to more leadership roles to ensure we are represented now and in the future.

The Working Women’s Committee (WWC) is an organization that comes together to network, promote programs for our membership, and gain leadership skills. We help others by volunteering and mentoring other Union women. We discuss physical, mental, job, health, and wellbeing of our Union sisters and others as well. We as the WWC strive to promote and lift up our women; we encourage participation in our Union, and share our knowledge with each other. I work as the Liaison for our Local 555 to our International Working Women’s Committee (which is made up of all TWU Locals). I have worked on many campaigns alongside with other Union women. I am an advocate for helping our community and strengthening our Union and helping our Union women excel. 

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In solidarity,

Jessica Hayes