Young Workers Committee

Chair: Chris Lampe MCI Email:

We currently have approximately 5,500 members 35 years old or younger.

Do you know how to get involved with our Local? 
The future of our union lies in the hands of our young workers. By empowering, educating, and mobilizing our members to be union advocates, we are securing our future.  Your participation and contributions are critical to the strength of our union. 

There are more ways to get involved.
TWU is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO which has a young worker group called “Next Up Young Worker Program”. In this group, youths around the country are meeting and finding ways to build the labor movement.

Interested in being a TWU Local 555 youth representative at these meetings? 
Contact Young Workers Committee Liasion Greg Gamboni and he can help get you involved in your area. Greg Gamboni is also representing our Local at the AFL-CIO Young Workers Action Committee meetings. 

Are you interested in learning more about union skills or our union in general?
We can help explain the structure and governance of our union in addition to Union classes that are offered by the AFL-CIO and colleges. Contact Angela Kasse, Recording Secretary with questions:

Would you like updates on our Local’s involvement with Youth Committees?
Send Greg Gamboni an email: and he will forward notes and schedules to you. There are more opportunities for involvement, such as with the International Transit Federation Young Worker groups and Youth Conferences and Workshops. Contact Greg or Angela to stay informed.