Local Executive Board Nomination Results

Below are the results of the nominations. Positions that only received one accepted nomination have been won by acclamation. Campaign letters that were submitted are available below by clicking each candidate's name. 


Randy Barnes (Won by acclamation)

1st Vice President
Jerry McCrummen
Michael Wilbanks

2nd Vice President
Albert Barbosa (Won by acclamation)

Recording Secretary
 Juan Cordova (Won by acclamation)

Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Jessica Hayes
Nathan Christensen
Alfonso Santoyo

District 1 Representative
Marwyn Hughes (Won by acclamation)

District 2 Representative
Karl Mager
Greg Gamboni

District 3 Representative
Dan Chriss (Won by acclamation)

District 4 Representative
Jean-Pierre Loregnard
Tony Slavings

District 5 Representative
Robert "Wolfie" Bettinger
Yolanda Long

District 6 Representative
Tyler Cluff (Won by acclamation)

District 7 Representative
James Barrett
Cortney Heywood

District 8 Representative
Abilio Villaverde (Won by acclamation)