Jessica Hayes (MDW) – Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Email:  Phone: 214-914-9967


C) Financial Secretary-Treasurer
The Secretary-Treasurer shall receive all monies paid into the Local Union. He/she shall keep records of the Local's finances pursuant to the rules and regulations established by the International Administrative Committee. He/she will be responsible for all financial books and records. He/she, will maintain all financial books and records for not less than five years, at the Local’s Headquarters. He/she shall report monthly to the LocalExecutive Board and to the International Secretary/Treasurer. He/she shall submit all records at least once a year to a CertifiedPublic Accountant and will forward the name and address of the Certified Public Accountant who is to conduct the audit to the International. He/she or his/her successor will present this audit upon completion to the Local Executive Board and to the Membership. The Secretary-Treasurer shall compile and file all financial reports as required by law and the Membership. He/she shall sign all financial instruments of the Local as required by these By-Laws. He/she shall prepare and submit under his/her signature all Federal and State reports required under law. He/she shall perform all duties required by the Executive Board.