Grievance Specialists

The Grievance Specialist is responsible for processing and handling assigned grievances, involving contractual interpretation and terminations, as well as other duties assigned by the Vice President. They serve as a resource and aid to the District Representatives enabling and freeing them up to better serve the membership. They serve on a Grievance Committee, reporting directly to our Vice President.

Curtis Clevenger (TUL)

Email:   Phone: 214-938-5404

In addition to having 28 years with the company, I have held the position of Grievance Specialist since April of 2005. Prior to that, I worked on the local’s computers and other tech related issues.


Brian Smith (MSY)

Email:   Phone: 504-559-3915

I have been with the company for 21 years and my involvement with the Union started right off of probation when I became the Alternate Station Rep. in MSY. I was then Elected as the Station Rep in MSY and held that position for approximately 16 years. During that time, I also served as the Alternate District Rep. for Jerry McCrummen and was the interim District Rep when Jerry took a staff position. I then served as the Alternate District Rep. for Patty Adams when she held the office of District Rep. I also served as the alternate District Rep. for outgoing District Rep. Mark Waters. I served as a System Board Player for approximately 6 years. Currently, I have been serving the membership as a Grievance Specialist for the last 6 years. The best part of my current position is that I get to represent terminated members in arbitration. I absolutely love this part of my job and can think of no better way for me to serve our membership.

Ryan Wittmuss (MCO)

Email:​  Phone: 321-347-2320

I am originally from Omaha, Nebraska but moved to Orlando, Florida about 14 years ago. I am married to my beautiful wife Colleen and enjoy traveling, sports, food, and being social. I am proud, humbled, and excited to be selected to represent this local and its members.
I have been with the company for over 10 years, all those years having worked in MCO. I served as an alternate station representative for over 5 years and helped turn the culture around in Orlando. I have been a part of all steps of the grievance process from fact findings at the local level, to system boards and arbitrations. I am proud to serve the members of TWU Local 555 and help fight for what is right.


Oscar Camara (HOU)

Email:​  Phone: 713-480-3136

I started with the Company in December of 1993, as a Ramp Agent in HOU and worked in that role for 25 years prior to having the honor to serve the Membership as a Grievance Specialist since April of 2019.

While working at the station, I was involved with the Union in different roles and served as an alternate Ramp and Safety Representative, Elected Ramp Representative, Station Safety Chairman, Alternate District 5 Representative, Board Player, and also participated in Fact Findings, System Boards of Adjustments, Arbitrations, and Med./Arbs.


Troy LaMont (MDW)

Email:  Phone: 708-774-4842


Mike Martinez (LGA)

Email:  Phone: 917-703-1526

Hello, my name is Mike Martinez and I am one of the newest Leave/Grievance specialists. I am currently a ramp agent based out of the LGA station and have been a ramp agent for 23yrs. I have served as a Union Rep in some shape or form for about 22 of those years at 4 different stations. I was an Alternate Rep for about 7yrs, a Station Rep for 6yrs, Alt District Rep for 3yrs and a District Rep for 6yrs. Each position has helped me in gaining the knowledge that I have today. I am familiar with fact finding procedures, system boards and have presented several arbitrations in the past. A large part of my newest role will be concentrated on the Leave Specialist part, which will be dealing with the various sick leaves and OJIs that our members deal with during their careers. I look forward to meeting and interacting with our members in helping to find solutions to our problems moving forward.