Interactive Lunch Chart

The Interactive Lunch Chart displays the contractual meal period for all full-time shifts. The contractual meal period language is as follows: 

B. Meal Period. A thirty (30) minute meal period, shall be scheduled during the fourth, fifth or sixth hour. All meal periods must be completed before the end of the sixth hour. Should an Employee not be scheduled a meal period during the fourth, fifth, or sixth hour, he will be paid time and one half their hourly rate of pay for the thirty (30) minute meal period and will receive an uninterrupted meal period. Should an Employee not be permitted a meal period at all, he will then be paid .5 hours overtime and two (2) hours straight time pay in addition to their regular pay. Eight (8) hours, inclusive of a thirty (30) minute meal period, shall constitute a day's work for those Employees whose regular shift begins between the hours of 6:00 P.M. and 4:00 A.M.

To begin, mouseover or tap your shift to view the hours in which your lunch should be "scheduled".