Our Local Executive Board is comprised of the following Officers: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and the eight District Representatives. 

President Charles Cerf(HRL)
1st Vice President Jerry McCrummen(DAL) 
2nd Vice President Albert Barbosa(SEA)
Financial Secretary/Treasurer Jessica Hayes (MDW)
Recording Secretary Juan Cordova (MDW)
District 1 Representative Marwyn Hughes (BWI)
District 2 Representative Karl Mager (TPA)
District 3 Representative Dan "DC" Chriss (MDW)
District 4 Representative Tony Slavings (MCI)
District 5 Representative Robert "Wolfie" Bettinger(HOU)
District 6 Representative Tyler Cluff (PHX)
District 7 Representative James Barrett (LAX)
District 8 Representative Abilio Villaverde (DEN)