Randy Barnes (CLE) – President





A) President
The President shall notify the Officers of all regular and special meetings of the Board. He/she shall be the authorized representative of the Local and shall select and supervise all committees and committee activities. The President shall also serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board. The President shall insure that the Districts conduct business meetings as necessary. He/she shall, subject to the approval of the Board, appoint and remove, employ and discharge agents and Employees of the Local, other than duly elected Officers. He/she shall sign notes, checks, drafts, or bills of exchange; warrants or other orders for the payment of money duly drawn bythe Treasurer; enforce the TWU Constitution and the Local's By-Laws; signany agreement entered into between the Local and any other organization; carry out any other duties the Local may request; supervise the activities of the Local and shall render an Annual Report to the membership. The President or the President's designee may arrange for an individual Member to be absent from her/his regular assigned work, at the expense of the Union, for the purpose of assisting the President in conducting the affairs of the Local Union. The President shall be responsible for the staffing of the Local office. The Executive Board will approve all full-time staff.