Staffing Numbers for the Week of 09/17/2016

In an effort to assist our local with ensuring the part time percentages are within the contractual limits, the staffing numbers will be posted each week with links available at Resources->Documents. Please contact us with any discrepancies you may find. 

Note: The company has changed the format for the staffing numbers as of the 08/27/16 report. 




Members of LEB Attend NAP Conference

LEB members President Greg Puriski, Recording Secretary Angela Kasse, District 1 Representative Morial Hayes, District 3 Representative Randy Barnes, District 4 Representative Tony Slavings, District 5 Representative John Spencer, and District 7 Representative Mike Roach attended the National Association of Parlimentarians Training Conference in Denver, CO on August 26-28th which featured multiple presentations geared toward writing better minutes, amending and drafting bylaws, …