Triple Nickel #6 Digital Release

Our TWU Local 555 Newsletter, Triple Nickel #6, has begun making its rounds throughout the system. Speak with a rep if you would like to peruse a hard copy or download the Digital Copy

Feedback on our newsletter is welcome and appreciated. If you have any suggestions for future issues or comments on past issues, feel free to send them to us through …

2019 TWU 555 Scholarship Winners Announced

District Applicant Dependent of:
District 1 Kean Jared Ileto Leong Rodelo Leong (BWI)
District 2 Ally Ralyea Kevin Ralyea (TPA)
District 3 Nicole Vanick Arthur Vanick (MDW)
District 4 Nathan Larrabee (Employee) –(MCI)
District 5 Jonnel Baldwin Shelton Baldwin (HOU)
District 6 Michaela Toohey Julia Toohey (ONT)
District 7 George Hamilton III George Hamilton Jr. (LAX)
District 8 Jayden Sorensen

A Moment For Memorial Day

Brothers and Sisters, let’s take a minute out of our fun-filled weekends to remember that Memorial Day isn’t about cookouts or camping. It’s not about parades or even remembering all of our troops. It’s about remembering those that gave all. Those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. Take a moment and remember our heroes who are no longer with us. That’s what …