PHX Member Kevin Gray Passes Away

District 6 Representative, Tyler Cluff, had the following to say regarding Kevin, 

"I recently received the news that one of our PHX Provo members, Kevin Gray, passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.  Kevin was a very soft-spoken man, but always firm in his resolve.  He spent some time as a supervisor in PHX, but returned to the ranks of the

Staffing Numbers for the Week of 01/13/2018

In an effort to assist our local with ensuring the part-time percentages are within the contractual limits, the staffing numbers will be posted each week with links available at Resources->Documents. Please contact us with any discrepancies you may find.

Note: The company has changed the format for the staffing numbers as of the 08/27/16 report. 


TWU Local 555 Member Injured In BWI

Brothers and Sisters,

On January 2nd one of our members in BWI was involved in an accident involving serious injury. We have been, and continue to be, in constant communication with the Company regarding the investigation. Presently, our member's family has requested privacy as their loved one heals. Please keep our coworker in your prayers.

Please remember how dangerous our work …