TWU Local 555 Scholarship Winners Announced

District Employee Dependent Awarded
District 1 Heather Cook MHT Ramp Self
District 2 Aaron Beard TPA Ramp Henry Beard
District 3 Arthur Vanick MDW Ramp Nicole Vanick
District 4 Ricky McCants Sr OMA Ramp Ricky McCants Jr
District 5 Eduardo Marcia HRL Ops/Freight Oneida Marcia
District 6 Rene Sanchez ELP Ramp Taylor Sanchez
District 7 Melissa Garenour SMF Ops/Freight Sidney Ann

Updated Seniority Lists Posted 07/13/16

The updated seniority lists for Ramp, Operations, Provisioning, and Cargo have been posted both below and under Resources->Documents. The following lanugage from our collective bargaining agreement should be noted: 

Article Eight Section E. Corrections to Seniority List. Employees shall have fifteen (15) days after the publication date of the seniority list to protest any omission or incorrect position affecting their seniority.

Please …

PHX Members Going Above and Beyond for Veterans

The Veterans Committee would like to take a moment to recognize and thank 555 members Ron Hansen and Valerie Herman for their continued support in addition to thanking Ron for his service. 

Ron Hansen served in the Army Infantry and also has two sons that have served and work for SWA.  Ron is still dedicated to all those whom have served, and ensures that those who …