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Voting For Convention Delegates And Negotiations Assessment Now Open

CONVENTION DELEGATES: Voting polls opened on June 13TH and will close June 28TH at noon CST. If you do not receive a packet in the mail, call the TWU 555 Office at 1-800-595-7672 or (214) 358-5404 to obtain an access code. Voting can be completed on your phone by dialing 1-877-913-3778 or online at https://www.ballotpoint.com/TwuLocal555/

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Negotiations Assessment To Be Voted On

Along with the upcoming Convention Delegate election, there will be the opportunity to vote on an assessment to fund our next negotiations which will begin in 2021. From the previous negotiations period, we know that the next time will not be a short and simple process but a potentially long and drawn out affair requiring significant resources to battle a …

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4th Annual 555 DEN Membership Picnic

The 4th Annual DEN membership Picnic will be held at Great Plains Park in Aurora, CO from 1000 to 1800 on Saturday, July 8th. Hosted by District 8 Representative Abilio Villaverde, all TWU Local 555 members and their families are invited. Food will be provided. There will be street tacos, pulled pork and shredded brisket sandwiches, fruit, beans, and slaw. Some …

Staffing Numbers for the Week of 06/24/2017

In an effort to assist our local with ensuring the part-time percentages are within the contractual limits, the staffing numbers will be posted each week with links available at Resources->Documents. Please contact us with any discrepancies you may find.

Note: The company has changed the format for the staffing numbers as of the 08/27/16 report. 


Triple Nickel #3 Digital Release

Triple Nickel #3 has begun making its rounds throughout the system. Speak with a rep if you would like to peruse a hard copy or download the digital copy here at http://www.twu555.org/…/…/06/triplenickel_number_3_Final.pdf

Feedback on our newsletter is welcome and appreciated. If you have suggestions for future issues or comments on past issues, feel free to send them to us through the contact page or …

555 Bay Area Membership Picnic

The Bay Area Membership Picnic will be held at Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, CA on Tuesday, July 25th. Hosted by District 7 Representative Mike Roach, all TWU Local 555 members and their families are invited. Food will be provided. Some of the park features include a playground, swimming area, and walking trails along the bay. Contact Mike Roach with …