Veterans Committee

Chair: Charlana Bolianites Bilodeau  MHT –  
Antwain Strickland –  
Veteran's Crisis Hot Line: 1(800)273-8255  
Committee Registration Form  

The TWU Veterans Committee met recently in Denver, CO hosted by Local 556. They are working hard on legislative issues to benefit veterans. They are also working on getting all TWU veterans registered. Please register with us to receive your pin, patch, and coin. Thank you! 

In February the International Veterans Committee met in Miami, FL for a quarterly meeting. We welcomed new members and discussed topics in regards to legislation and issues within our individual locals to help all our military members (active, reserve, and veterans). We will be asking for your help in the near future with some of the legislative issues. Local 555 Veterans Committee would like your suggestions for future negotiations. If you have one send it to so we can compile a list of ideas to submit to the negotiations committee when the time comes. Thank you. 

Charlana Bilodeau
TWU International Veterans Committee Recording Secretary
TWU 555 Veterans Committee Chairperson

Upcoming Events

2019 International Veterans Committee meetings

August 20-21, 2019 Columbus OH hosted by local 208

December 4-5, 2019 Dallas TX hosted by local 513 (officer nominations/elections)

Future dates 2020:

Feb Tampa FL hosted by local 568

May Cocoa Beach FL hosted by local 525

Aug San Francisco CA hosted by local 505

4th QTR TBD looking for host

The following are the dates for possible future events:

July 14th-18th – Long Beach Waterfront Warriors

The TWU Veterans Committee met in New York from July 18th to July 20th, 2017. As part of our meeting, we gathered to volunteer with the Long Island Beach Waterfront Warriors. We love helping our fellow veterans and are honored the group allowed us to help with such a wonderful event.

Active military members,
With the announced profit-sharing contributions, according to the USERRA and military leave, when an employee is rehired by an employer maintaining a defined contribution plan that does not require employee contributions(such as a money purchase or profit sharing plan) the employer is required to make the contributions that would have been made on the employee’s behalf, had he been employed by the employer during the period of military service.

We would like to thank all of those who supported the 2016 Operation Free PX. As a direct result of this support, TWU was able to raise $224,790.10 between cash and in-kind goods, in addition to helping many soldiers and putting smiles on their faces during the holidays. The recipients were very grateful for all they received. Thank you, Local 555 for your contributions.


We are supporting Operation Military Embrace and request that you view the links below and consider donating.
Monetary donations can be sent online by going to http:/ and noting "TWU Veterans Committee" on page 2 "instructions to seller". 




PHX members showing the utmost respect for our brave men and women who serve this country around the clock. Thank you for keeping our Military HR Cart clean and presentable. For those unaware of this cart, the Hansen family (Ron, Chris, and Will) conceived the idea for the Military HR Cart and saw the process through to completion. We really appreciate the efforts of Joe Garner and Zeke Zankich for taking the time to care for our cart. It means a lot to us gentlemen. Thank you. 



The TWU Veterans Committee met in TUL for the third quarter meeting.  While there, we all were honored to have the Spartan Sword displayed, and we came together as a group to say the Spartan Pledge.  To find out what the Spartan Pledge is, or to take the pledge, visit 

We have completed the May Day Raffle and were able to raise a total of $6,692.54, for Building Homes for Heroes.  Thank you to all members who purchased tickets to assist such an amazing cause.  Please continue to reach out to your local elected representatives with issues you feel should be addressed. 

Upcoming Events: 
We are now collecting goods for the 2016 Operation Free PX to be held on December 5th in San Antonio, TX.  If you would like to assist the Veterans Committee with the collection of goods, we encourage you to place a drop box at your station to collect items. Items we are looking for must be in new condition (or nearly new for some things).  We are accepting toiletries, clothes (baby to adult), toys, decorations, tools, stationary, etc. Last year, TWU as a whole collected $76,245 in cash and in-kind goods. We are looking forward to breaking that record this year. 

Call to Action: Protect Veteran's Health Care

Our goals: To show our support and appreciation for our past, present, and future veterans by first of all saying "Thank You!"  We will be providing useful information and resources in regards to benefits and the health care systems of the VA. We will be sending a limited number of care packages to certain individuals currently serving actively. We want to provide assistance/support to the families of those who are in active status.  We would like your help in showing appreciation to our fellow employees as well as our passengers.  We plan on collaborating with the International TWU Veteran's Committee and other locals to also reach out and provide assistance with programs such as "building homes for heroes." Please be patient with us as we start this committee. We have big goals for the future but with everything we must take baby steps. We ask that you pass along to our fellow TWU Local 555 members that we now have this committee. For those of you whom are veterans we ask that you fill out the registration form. For those of you whom are spouses, parents, children, or family members of a veteran some of the information we plan on providing may be useful to you or your veteran so please feel free to pass it along. If you are interested in helping with the veterans committee in any way or if you have any ideas, questions, or input please contact us at with your name, contact information and message. We would like to see the veterans committee be able to provide as much support and help for our veterans as well as to give back to all veterans in any way possible. We thank each and everyone of you for your support! We look forward in growing this committee and making something TWU555 and our members can be proud of! Don't forget to thank a vet!